about EMIL INK

Singer, songwriter, multi-instrumentalist and producer Emil Ink was born on January 26th 1980, in the former Soviet Union. He started creating music at the age of fifteen, teaching himself to play piano, guitars, drums, keyboards and bass. So far in his music career he has written over 200 songs and released several albums. When writing, his ability comes in many varieties, from Jazz to R&B, Rock to Pop and Classical to Film Scores.

Growing up in a family with strong musical backgrounds where music was always playing, Emil was introduced by his father to the sounds of "The Beatles", "Chick Corea", "Isaac Hayes", "Elton John", "Deep Purple", "Stevie Wonder", "Al Jarreau" "Herbie Hancock" and many, many more while watching his mother play piano and his father play guitar and drums.

Emil Ink enjoys doing it all when producing an album from singing all the vocals to playing all the instruments on his records himself. He explains, "I love the process. I love to build layers of different sounds one by one and seeing how it all slowly comes to life as one composition."

Emil has also done film work where he took on the roles of director, writer, photographer, editor, score composer and an actor. His new upcoming film "The Heist" will be released this year. "The Heist" was shot on Kodak motion picture film.